Sperm Whale Life

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Sperm whale plays with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.
After days of searching an empty, cold and windy ocean, we were excited to see a huge pod of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins rushing towards our boat. They seemed as happy to see us as we were to see them! We jumped in and swum with them, they would buzz in close then tear away, turning to make sure we were following them. After several minutes of following the dolphins ( they would slow down and wait for the slow and clumsy humans) they led us to a pod of sleeping Sperm whales. The dolphins were ecstatic! flying around the whales like electrons in an atom. I clearly remember at least one dolphin swimming right up to me to say ” this is what you wanted yes?! This is what you`re looking for- here it is!!”
The dolphins woke up the sleeping whales, the adults dived into the depths leaving this young calf to be baby sat by its little cousins.

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