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Scott Wilson is an Australian underwater photographer and cinematographer.

Scotts imagery focuses on intimate encounters with Ocean giants, rare moments beneath the waves witnessed by very few. Scott seeks true immersion, diving on a single breath without SCUBA  allowing natural light and the subject to define the encounter.

The great whales inhabit remote parts of our oceans, these artworks are the bounty of many expeditions and countless hours at sea, patiently  waiting  for the  wind swell and tide to create a unique meeting with an equally curious ocean leviathan. Some whales are as fascinated by us as we are of them.

Scott has been diving for over 30 years, while he loves nothing more than bluewater, he is equally at home in the outback. Scott has studied Environmental science and Indigenous knowledges , and has a diploma of Marine Science. Scott worked for many years with the First Nations people of Australia in the performing Arts and Cultural Education.

Behind the camera Scott has worked as a Director of Photography and Development Producer for Ocean Souls films, and Travel Wild on Discovery.

Scotts passion  is his love for the wild places and hopes that his work inspires the preservation and protection of life on this wonderful planet.